The Castle Principles

Where did the CASTLE® Principles come from?

The Six Ways of Being that are Changing People, Companies, Teams, Cities and the World
  • The Secretan Center Inc conducted research to find the answer to a key question: What do you NOT like about leaders?
  • The responses were: “We don’t like….
    • Cowards, phoney leaders, selfish leaders, liars, fearmongers & idiots …and the amazing thing is that the majority of leaders think that these 6 characteristics that followers abhor: CYA and keeping your head down, political gamesmanship, looking out for “Number 1”, deceit, domination and intimidation, mediocrity and bureaucracy ….are the keys to their personal success!

The CASTLE® Principles

CASTLE® is an acronym for:


Reaching beyond the boundaries of our existing limitations, fears, and beliefs
  • It all begins with courage. We can't change anything, say sorry, or "I love you”, or change the world, without courage. Followers love courageous leaders.


Being genuine, transparent and aligned with our inner voice in all aspects of life
  • We are authentic when what we think, what we say, what we feel, and what we do, are aligned—the alignment of the mind, mouth, heart and feet. Followers love authentic leaders.


Willing and actively supporting the good of the other
  • The first responsibility of a leader is to serve others—employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, communities—all those who are stakeholders and whose lives we touch. Followers love servant leaders.


Being honest and transparent in all thoughts, words, and actions
  • It is hard to find the truth—in business plans, budgets, expense reports, tax returns, resumes, performance reviews or marketing, but when the truth is told—in an inspiring way—it is like a breath of fresh air. Followers love truthful leaders.


Relating to others by touching their hearts in ways that add to who we both are as persons
  • We are afraid to use the word "love" in the workplace, and yet we all yearn to be loved in every part of our lives—including our work. Followers love compassionate and caring leaders.


Achieving desired outcomes successfully
  • Our chances of achieving our dreams, in all aspects of our lives, increase with the level of mastery of our leaders, and ourselves. Followers love competent leaders.



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