Quick tutorial

This step-by-step, hands-on tutorial gets you up to speed with all the Intellibanks site basics, in mere minutes...

1. Get set...

Open two browser windows, so that you can follow these steps in one window, while trying things out in the other.

2. Take a quick tour...

A Intellibanks Site is divided into webs; each one usually represents one area of collaboration. You can navigate the webs from the upper right corner of each web page.

  • Each web has hyperlinked topics, displayed as pages in your browser.
  • The home page in each web is the WebHome topic.
  • To browse a Intellibanks web, just click on any highlighted link. These links are called WikiWord and comprise two or more words with initial capitals, run together.
  • Follow the WikiWord link and learn what it is.
  • If you know the name of a topic, you can jump directly to it by typing its name into the Go field on the top of the page. Type WebSearch to jump to the search page. Hint: Do not confuse the Go field with search.
  • You can search each Intellibanks web. Enter a search string in the WebHome topic or the WebSearch topic accessible from the Search link on each topic.

3. Test the page controls...

The color-coded control strips at the top and/or bottom of the page has a collection of action links. Different skins show different links, but most will have some or all of::
  • Edit - add to or edit the topic (discussed later)
  • Raw View - show the source text without editing the topic
  • Attach - attach files to a topic (discussed later)
  • Backlinks - find out what other topics link to this topic (reverse link)
  • Printable - goes to a stripped down version of the page, good for printing
  • History - topics are under revision control - History shows you the complete change history of the topic, for example, who changed what and when
  • r3 > r2 > r1 - view a previous version of the topic or the difference between two versions
  • More - additional controls, such as rename/move, version control and setting the topic's parent.

4. Change a page, and create a new one...

Go to the Sandbox. This is the sandbox web, where you can make changes and try it all out at will.
  • Click the Edit link. You are now in edit mode and you can see the source of the page.
  • Look at the text in edit mode and compare it with the rendered page (move back and forth in your browser.)
  • TIP Tip: When you only want to see the source code of a topic click the Raw View link.
  • Notice how WikiWords are linked automatically; there is no link if you look at the text in edit mode.
  • Now, create a new topic - your own test page:
    1. In edit mode, enter a new text with a WikiWord, for example:
      This is GenniuxGuestSandbox topic.
    2. Preview and save the topic. The name appears, highlighted, with a linked question mark at the end. This means that the topic doesn't exist yet.
    3. Click on the question mark. Now you're in edit mode of the new topic.
    4. Type some text, basically, like you write an e-mail.
    5. A signature with your name is already entered by default. NOTE: The Main. in front of your name means that you have a link from the current web to your personal topic located in the Main web.
    6. Preview and save the topic...

5. Use your browser to upload files as page attachments...

You can attach any type of file to a topic - documents, images, programs, whatever - where they can be opened, viewed, or downloaded.
  • Attaching files is just like including a file with an e-mail.
    1. Go back to your sandbox topic and click on the [Attach] link at the bottom.
    2. Click [Browse] to find a file on your PC that you'd like to attach; enter an optional comment; leave everything else unchecked.
    3. Click [Upload file], then scroll to the end of the page to see the new attachment listing.
  • Do this again - this time, upload a GIF, JPG or PNG image file.
    • Check the [Link:] box to Create a link to the attached file at the end of the topic. The image will show up at the bottom of the topic.
    • To move the image, edit the topic and place the last line (containing %ATTACHURL%) anywhere on the page.
  • If you have a GIF, JPG or PNG image of yourself, your cat, your sprawling family estate...why not upload it now to personalize your account page GenniuxGuest?

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