How to Write in GenniuxWiki


  • Browse. This is a site like other sites. Read and follow interesting links.
  • Write. Speak your mind! From your browser you can change or add to anything you see in a page. Use regular text or Shorthand (see below).
  • Experiment. Edit your personal page
  • Organize. You can classify pages by subject, status, or date.

Actions in GenniuxWiki

Creating a page

To create a page all you have to do is write a WikiWord and then you will see a question mark link "?" behind a WikiWord.

That means that there's no topic yet for that IntellibanksWord. If you want to create a topic for that WikiWord, just click on the question mark.

The topic will be created and you will be in the editor window.

Editing a page

  • click Edit at the bottom of any topic and make your changes
  • click [ Preview Changes ] at the bottom to verify the topic (use your brower's Back button if necessary)
  • click [ Save Changes ] You've now edited the topic!
Intellibanks has a WYSIWYG for editing in "visual mode"'s very easy!!!

Viewing the history of a topic

Click History at the bottom of a topic

Attaching files

Click Attach to upload and attach any type of file.

Write in Raw Mode

  • Separate each paragraph with a blank line.
  • To display a word or phrase in bold type, put it in asterisks:
    *bold type*
  • To display a word or phrase in italic, put it in underscores:
  • To display a word or phrase in bold italic, put it in double underscores:
     __bold italic__
  • To link to another Wiki topic, type the WikiWord for that topic. To link to a Wiki topic in another web, type the name of the web, and a dot, first:
  • If you enter a WikiWord for a topic that doesn't exist, it'll appear highlighted, with question mark at the end, prompting you (or someone else) to start off the new topic by clicking the ? - NewTopic? (click the ?, but don't save, to preserve the example!).
  • When entering WikiName signatures - like, AnabelVelasquez - include "Main." as a prefix, since all Intellibanks member pages are in the Main web:
  • For an external link, type the full
  • To prevent a WikiWord from becoming a link, type
    <nop> or an exclamation point first: <nop>NoLinkPlease or !NoLinkPlease
  • To indent with a bullet, enter
  • Use multiples of 3 spaces to start nested bullets.
  • To create a numbered list:
    • Start items in a numbered list with
    • The "1" (or any number) will be replaced by the correct number, in order.
  • To include an image, type its URL. You also can Attach an image to the page and display it with text with the button ATTACH

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